What Is Termination Of Concession Agreement

In the event that many ministries are involved, it is recommended to agree on a mandate for the negotiating team (negotiating guidelines), including the (minimum) position on the important issues that make up the bulk of the concession. These issues are generally as follows: Fair value is generally determined by an independent expert who acts as an expert and not an arbitrator and who should have the authority to obtain relevant information from the parties in order to conduct an independent assessment. Under no circumstances may the appraiser use an income-based valuation method or take into account goodwill in the operator`s business to determine the fair value of the assets on the property. Fair value would generally be subject to an increase or deduction, depending on the party in default. The Authority should expect to receive all construction documents for facilities, electricity and water pipes, sewage systems and all other systems installed underground at the site during the concession period. The operator must also remove any remaining piles, foundations and similar construction work before leaving the site. When the site is restored to its original state, all subsequent restoration costs shall be borne by the operator (see Box 51). .

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