Showroom Display Agreement

• Given the difficulty of quantifying damage to Kent screens, Dealer must breach the Terms of Sale, Dealer agrees that Kent Displays distributors shall be entitled to lump sum damages equal to the gross margin of sale of Kent Displays products, using sales practices contrary to the terms of this Agreement. 12. Kent Displays reserves the right to take legal action against any natural or legal person found guilty of breaching the terms of the reseller-reseller agreement. • Dealer agrees that any breach by Dealer of the Terms and Conditions of Sale described in this Agreement harms Kent Displays and its reputation and relationships with its other dealers to an extent that is difficult, if not impossible to quantify. 4. Kent Displays distributors are required to provide a wholesale agreement signed by any distributor who sells Kent Displays products. Unauthorized traders should not be sold to a reseller or fed by a trader. 2. Product Inspection: Immediately after receipt of the Products, the Distributor examines the Products for damage, defects, evidence of handling or any other non-conformity (a “Defect”). If a defect is detected, the distributor cannot sell the product and must immediately report the defect on the Kent screen to or 330-673-8784. Wholesale prices are made available to the “Distributor” by Kent Displays, Inc. (“Kent Displays”) solely on the basis of the Distributor`s compliance with the Kent Displays Terms and Conditions of Sale contained herein.

This Agreement applies to all products bearing the trademarks registered by Kent Displays, including Boogie Board®, Magic Sketch®, Scribble N`Play®, Play N`Trace®, Liquid Crystal Paper®, Blackboard®, Colorburst® and Exact Erase® (“Products”). By applying for a wholesale account and inserting a Kent Displays product at the wholesale price, the distributor enters into a contract with Kent Displays, which is subject to these terms and conditions of sale of the reseller agreement. 3. Packaging and display of the product: the distributor sells the products in the original packaging. Labels, repackaging (including separation of bundled products or pooling of products) and any other modification of the products or their packaging are not permitted. It is forbidden to handle, modify or modify serial numbers, UPC codes, lot or lot codes or any other identifying information on the products or their packaging. The distributor must not delete, translate or modify the content of labels or literature on or on the products. Distributor shall not promote, market, display or demonstrate non-Kent display products with the products in a manner that gives the impression that non-Kent display products are manufactured, supported by Kent displays or associated with Kent displays. .

1. At Kent Displays, we are committed to as many materials and finishes as possible. If purchased by an authorized dealer, all our products are 100% guaranteed against manufacturing and material defects. This warranty and the warranty below are extended only to the original end user and may not be extended or transferred to any other person or acquirer. All Kent Displays products purchased from an authorized retailer have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Items are replaced at the discretion of Kent Displays. If a replacement product is not available or is paid for, a similar product is replaced. .

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