What Does Agreement Mean In Persian

All nouns can be made plural by the suffix ها-‹hā›, which follows a noun and does not change its form. Plural forms are used less frequently than in English and are not used by numbers or زیاد ziād `many` or (بسیاری) besyār(ī). -hā is only used if the name has no numbers in front of it and is definitive. Light verbs such as کردن (gimbal) “do, make” are often used with nouns to form a so-called compound verb, a light verb construction or a complex predicate. For example, the word گفتگو (goftegu) means “conversation”, while گفتگو کردن (goftegu kardan) means “to speak”. A light verb can be added after a noun, adjective, preposition or preposition to form a compound verb. Only the light reference (e.B. Gimbal) is conjugated; the previous word is not affected: possession is often expressed by adding suffixes to nouns; the same suffixes can also be used as object pronouns. .


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