Td Account Agreement

Credit institutions and other lenders – for a credit card, credit, credit, mortgage or other credit facilities, Distributor services or an overdraft account, we will exchange information and reports about you with credit institutions and other lenders at the time and during the application process, and on a current basis to verify and verify your creditworthiness, set credit and holding limits, help us recover a debt or meet an obligation you impose on us at the time and during the application process, and/or assess our risks. You can choose not to do a credit check to assess a credit application. Once you have such a facility or product, and for a reasonable period of time after that, we may provide your data from time to time to other lenders and other credit institutions that request such information, which helps establish your credit history and supports the lending and credit management functions in general. We may receive information and reports about you from Equifax Canada Inc., Trans Union of Canada, Inc. or any other credit information. You can access your personal data in your files and correct it by and directly through their respective websites. Once you have requested a credit product from us, you cannot revoke your consent to this exchange of information. In this agreement, the terms “you” and “you” are those of any authorized person or representative of that person who has requested or proposed to provide a warranty for a product service that we offer or on any account in Canada. The words “we,” “we” and “our” mean TD Bank Group (“TD”). TD includes Toronto-Dominion Bank and its global subsidiaries that provide deposits, investments, loans, securities, trusts, insurance and other products or services. The word “information” means personal, financial and other information about you that you provide to us and that we receive from others outside of TD, including the products and services you use.

Insurance – This section applies if you reinsur, manage or sell, request an insurance product that we insure, resell, request due diligence, change or resell a right, or if you have included in your product, service or account an insurance product that we insure, insure, manage or sell. We can collect, use, disclose and store your data, including health information. We may collect this information from you or by health professionals, related medical institutions, insurance companies, government agencies, organizations that manage public information databases or insurance information offices, including MIB Group, Inc. and the Insurance Bureau of Canada, to the knowledge of your information. With regard to life and health insurance, we may also receive a personal investigation report, prepared as part of the verification and/or authentication of the information provided by you in your application or as part of the claim procedure. For home and auto insurance, we can also obtain information about you from credit bureaus at the time and during the application process and continuously to check your creditworthiness, conduct a risk analysis and determine your premium. If we collect your health information for the purposes described above, it will not be shared within TD unless a TD company insures, assures, manages or sells relevant coverage and disclosure is required for the purposes described above.

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