Subject Verb Agreement With Quantifiers Ppt

4 Exercise 2, 84. Look at the words that end in -s. Are they singular or plural? Are these names or verbs? Verb Noun Pluriural Sing. 1. A new car costs a lot of money. 2. New cars cost a lot of money. 3. My neighbor makes a lot of noise. 4. My neighbors make a lot of noise. 5.

Bill drinks tea for breakfast. 6. Cold drinks are good on a hot day. 40 1. Think about this (or look around you) your classroom. Exercise 13. warm-up. P.

90 Complete sentences with your own words. 1. Think about your classroom (or look around). There`s ________in my classroom. There`s ________in my classroom. 2. Think about (or look around) your bedroom. There`s in my room. There`s _____in my room. 2. Article and Besiedeer 1.

It`s my book. That`s why it`s me. 2. The car above is mine. Number three. They`re black dogs. 4. Thesearebirds . If a compound subject contains names or pronouns related to “or” or “nor,” the verb should correspond to the part of the subject that is closer to the verb. Boyorhis friends run every day. His friends shoot every day.

Subject-Verb Agreement — Portions – With words that specify parts – percent, breakup, party, majority, some, all, none, remains, etc. – consider the name in your expression (preposition object) to determine whether a singular or plural verb should be used. If the object of the preposition is singular, use a singular verb. If the object of the preposition is plural, use a plural verb. Examples: Fifty per cent of piehas have disappeared. “Pie” is the subject of the preposition “de.” – Fifty percent of the magpies have disappeared. Pies is the subject of the preposition “of.” One third of the city is unemployed. One third of the population is unemployed. NOTE: Hyphen all fractions auctioned. Accord S/V – Intervenive Phrases – Practice: Write five sentences with sentences that occur between the subject and the verb.

Sentences must be written in present tense. 34 Exercise 11, 89. Select the correct suits. Highlight the (s) word (s) that determines whether the verb is singular or plural. 4 a.m. Some of the apples in this bowl (is, are) lazy. 3. Most of the film (is, are) funny.

4. Most movies (are, are) funny. 5. Half of the students in the class (east, are) from Arabic-speaking countries. 6. Half of that money is you. 2. Apples are 3. Film is 4.

The films are 5. The students are 6. Money is Subject/Verb Agreement – There – Write three (present tense) even sentence (a bad version, a correct version) beginning with the word “there”. The determinants are the quantifiers. They are used before the nouns to say how much or how much we are talking about something.

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